Checkout (POS)

A Point-Of-Sales interface, that is connected to your admin panel. Comes in two versions (desktop and tablet) that are both available for you. A EPSON receipt printer, can be connected to your checkout point easily.

Admin Panel

Powerfull and fully equipped orders, customers and invoicing software. Comes in two versions: basic and pro.

Extra Addons

Extend your admin panel, and checkout point, with digital payments from Mollie.com. Also recurring SEPA incasso payments are possible, so your professional clients are not bothered with transfering single invoices to you, everything is automated.

Products & Pricing

Checkout Register

14.99 / mo

  • professional POS checkout system
  • for laptop/desktop or tablet
  • with full admin panel
  • print tickets for your customers

Admin for Startups

9.99/ mo

4.99 / mo

  • manage and track your orders
  • make and send pdf invoices
  • let your customers pay online or bill them automatically

Pro Package

149.99 / mo

  • manage purchase and sales orders
  • register sales on accountmanagers
  • extended stats
  • manage multiple locations/stores from 1 account

Always Customize your Package

Basic Product Price /mo
Admin Panel
- complete admin account
- make orders, proformas and invoices
- 1 user included
Admin Panel Pro
- extended admin account
- make/track orders and invoices
- 3 users/accountmanagers included
Add +1 sales location
- for multiple locations/shops
Add +1 user/accountmanager 9.99
Add +9 user/accountmanager 49.99
Add +20 user/accountmanager 99.99
Add +50 user/accountmanager 184.99
POS Product Price /mo
- desktop or touch POS interface
- for shops, restaurants, warehouses
- if you need multiple checkout points, you will need multiple users/logins
Print Receipts
- per machine
- make/track orders and invoices
- 3 users/accountmanagers included
Extra Addons Price /mo
Connect Website API
- export product data to your website
Connect WP-Woocommerce API
- manage your wordpress/woocommerce site from our platform
- always up to date websites, with managed stock
Payments by Mollie Connect
- iDeal, Creditcard and recurring SEPA INCASSO
Customer APP
- let you customers login and order via a webapp interface
Purchase Orders
- send purchase orders to your suppliers
- track and manage your orders and stock precisely
Customer APP
- your customers can login into our webapp and order directly from you
- their account contains their orders, invoices, shipment info
from 4.99

* all prices are exclusive local VAT/TAX

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